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Vedic Knowledge

Ancient Wisdom Shows The Way

Indian wisdom is perhaps ageless, written in the ancient language of Sanskrit approximately five thousand years ago it is known as the Vedas (knowledge). This was further preceded by the Vedic age which extends considerably further back in time. Every aspect of life is covered by the Vedas, however it is spiritual knowledge that is its ultimate offering.

Many systems of spiritual thought and practice are recommended by the Vedas, so extensive are the revelations that it can be confusing. The Vedas themselves answer this dilemma by distilling all spiritual teaching and practice in to one ultimate expression, this is Bhakti or loving devotion.

The essence of all Vedic knowledge is to taste the Self from within the self, direct inner perception and feeling of your true nature beyond this world. Without the feeling we are lost in the mind, therefore all Vedic teachings and modes of worship were designed to awaken and cultivate this inner taste.


The Bhagavad Gita

The blessed or divine song, the Bhagavad Gita is a masterpiece of divine revelation summarizing for the common man how to perfect Earthly existence. It takes one on a journey from disillusionment and despair through to enlightenment by practice of non-attachment to the results of work. Ultimately the highest expression of our heart’s yearning is through the practice of loving devotion to the source of all.

Revelation follows revelation, probing deeper and deeper in to the very nature of reality, the material universe, the nature of consciousness, the soul and God. The truths thus expressed aim to awaken our heart felt inner truth and recognition of our soul nature and our relationship with God and the universe. Thus it moves us rapidly toward the ultimate goal of perfecting our human life and attaining peace, joy and wisdom, freeing us from suffering even amidst the chaos of our life here on Earth.

IDK can help awaken our devotional nature and restore our real identity as ‘a soul on a human journey’.