Inner Dialogue Kinesiology

In my opinion

Firstly all therapy, be it what it may, has its place, I place no judgement on the various therapists and disciplines practiced including allopathic medicine, all are doing their best. Having said that I now want to make a few distinctions.

Nature does not make mistakes, there is no error in the system. This being true why do we fall ill, why so many problems? We are seeking to resolve the outward ‘display’, but this in turn is simply a reflection of what we hold in our content, our inner world in effect being projected outward through our body and life expression.

There is within us all the answers and healing energy we will ever need. Its just we have simply disconnected from this wellspring, so the real issue is not one of fixing, but of reconnection. When we have connection we are healthy, happy and well-adjusted to life, healing naturally takes place as it flows from this place.

So rather than trying to mend something that appears dysfunctional we can  instead bring to the distortions this new sense of self based upon inner connection and allow that to do the work of aligning, illuminating and healing for us. In effect we bring our own inner physician to the problem. This of course implied a degree of self responsibility, receptivity and authority.

Make no mistake we can and do abdicate responsibility over to another, we do it all the time, we hand them veto to manipulate our energy in order to bring about an improvement and this can quite often be the case. However without honouring the inner signals from content which create the display, all too often it results in temporary improvement or endless loop therapy.

Having said all that we do all require support on our journey from time to time and this is wonderful, be it what it may, but this should serve rather than lead us on our journey toward deeper opening and receptivity. It should seek to encourage further connection to our inner Self and content and not further separate us.

Inner Dialogue Kinesiology is such a therapy as it allows your content to direct resolution.

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