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Theosophy #Copyright

Theosophy (knowledge of the divine) is the name given to the channeled works of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and forms the basis of the Theosophical Society, a worldwide organisation devoted to her and those that followed.

Blavatsky herself claimed she channeled these works from the Great White Brotherhood whilst residing in the Himalayas in the care of a group of Tibetan masters. The Great White Brotherhood is a group of ascended masters who have perfected their Earthly existence and now seek to guide and elevate humankind, to this effect they enrolled Blavatsky to receive their transmissions.

Theosophy is without doubt profoundly insightful, viewing our human existence from the higher perspective of Spirit.

Theosophy seeks to answer the big questions as it reveals cosmogenesis - the creation of the cosmos and our place within it. It holds an incredibly expansive view of time, delineating various manvantaras or period of creation followed by pralayas or periods of rest.

During the creative phase God ‘seeds’ his creation from the top down, so man existed first at various levels of Reality and in turn seeded as a reflection of his consciousness all the various species of life.

Humankind has and is continuing to evolve its consciousness through seven root-races, each divided further in to seven sub-races spanning enormous eons of time as man slowly evolves his consciousness to eventually take his place as divine man.

Blavatsky explains in detail our sojourn through previous root-races and civilisations such as Lemuria and Atlantis arriving at modern man. Each root-race residing on an aspect of the Earth known as a globe, these are also seven in number and represent the various levels of consciousness of the Earth.

Beginning with the highest we step down through a decension process from globe one to four which is our present physical world. We then turn and begin the ascension process through globes four to seven. We are on the cusp now and about to ascend to the next sub-race and globe.

Using a model of reality based on the four kingdoms of nature IDK describes on a personal scale what Theosophy describes on a cosmic scale, there is much accord and synchronicity between the them.