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I am so grateful for the treatment and after-effects of this treatment.

Thank you Paul for your kindness and that you made this possible for me and for Martin. Life has indeed revealed itself. The pleasure is on the way back to my life again. I am truly grateful for the joy and happiness coming back and makes my days magic and nice :) You are absolutely the best.....:))

Want to thank you for the email you sent me concerning Paul's work and his history. It went straight to the heart. Received a treatment of him and my God what a treatment! I've never met anyone with such a capacity and insight. He is just totally awesome! Very grateful that he comes to Bergen.

I am so pleased with this technique. It is able to bypass the conscious mind and access and offer other techniques to remedy deeply held emotional blocks in a way I have not found possible through other therapies.

I thoroughly recommend this to anyone who has an emotional block which they cannot access mentally, in as much as it bypasses the mind and gets to the root of the problem.

I found my treatments with Paul fascinating in that he gets right to the heart of what needs to be addressed and then has a variety of techniques to get past the block. The sessions with him gave me the support I needed at the time.

I feel inspired and moved by this work. Although it's an ongoing process I'm able now to glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel rather than going round and round in my old familiar patterns.

Found it helpful and encouraging, definitely worth a try if you are struggling with life. Can throw a fresh light on old problems.

Thank you for an insightful treatment, much to reflect upon, very impressed with this therapy, can recommend it to anyone who would like to look deeper in to their life issues.