Inner Dialogue Kinesiology

Talks and Presentations

A series of talks on the nature of life, reality and self.

These talks form a foundation to understanding metaphysical reality. What was once hidden knowledge and the privilege of the few is now freely available. These talks are lively, heart felt and engaging, based upon ancient wisdom they bring to light our essential nature and life’s purpose.

The Human House

We each live in our own house, our physical and energetic bodies. Our Human House contains different levels of ‘Life-Forces’ or nature forces, these include our Material (ancestry, memory), Vegetative (receptive, feelings), Animal (instinctual, habitual), Human (identity, creativity) and Nobel Life-Forces. These forces exist in our inner and outer universe and it is these forces that that can corrupt or honour who we really are. This is the inner universe and how it is organised and forms the foundation of all metaphysical and esoteric teaching, be they ancient or modern.

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The Caduceus

The origins of this symbol is lost in time, it is ancient and represents our capacity to bridge or to undergo rites of passage between the various life forces, in essence it is our journey home and holds the key to our inner unfoldment. The Staff or integrity connects us at our roots to our ancestry, ascending vertically out of darkness to heaven toward noble Self. Our capacity to go lateral in to the created universe is represented by the twin snakes and gives us our feeling for life or flexibility. The wings lift us out of our instinctual consciousness to true human reflection, where upon we can observe our own inner landscape. Finally the globe or dove represents surrender to the divine so as to taste our essence and eventually to know our true value and place in the universe.

Spiritual Incarnation

The complete overview, everything you could possibly want to know about the subtle aspects of your being. This includes the aura, light body, merkaba, kundalini, prana, the astral mechanism - samskaras and chitta and much more. Our energy bodies have specific structures and functions, understanding this will give you the ‘big picture’; who you really are and what you are designed for, we are engineered for purposeful existence toward higher and higher states of enlightenment. How your energy bodies and life interact and how to remove the core veil to experience your true essence, this talk forms the foundation of understanding your inner life.

The Mechanics Of The Shadow

What is the core veil, what separates us from our Self/Source, how is this veil constructed and how can it be dismantled. This talk will explain in simple terms what the ancient Indian or Vedic culture understood through direct perception of the Self from within the self, what saintly and enlightened individuals knew. This is ancient wisdom  in as modern context that will take you on an incredible journey beyond intellect toward direct experience.

Consciousness and Time

The ancients civilizations were obsessed with time, why? They understood the connection between time and consciousness and how collectively we all pass though several time zones or periods, each having its own particular consciousness, technology, physical forms and mental abilities. This talk will explain a revolutionary new idea of time based on the ancient understanding of time being cyclic rather than linear, this gives direct insight in to the ancient cultures and how and why they manifested their monuments, calendars and civilisations. Where are we now in these cycles of time, what potentials are available to us and what is do our immediate and long term futures hold in respect to human potential and spiritual fulfilment.

Sacred Geometry

This talk explains how God created everything from nothing. Discover the Genesis pattern, the beginning of creation that leads to the Flower of Life which is the foundation of all creation. The same simple geometry underlies everything from tiny insects to huge galaxies. This talk gives insight in to your creative potential, to create as God creates.

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