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We live in an age where it seems anything is possible, where we are in a way spoilt for choice as regards spiritual practices. Instant enlightenment, instant knowledge, instant bliss, all for those that can afford to pay, take this, do this, follow that. All have value, all have meaning depending upon the individual, their tastes and level of advancement. What is common however to all these various practices that are so many and diverse?

Is it the Central Nervous System (CNS).

It is the CNS that requires purification, all practices, be they ancient or modern aim to achieve this at their heart. Either through physical cleansing, emotional balancing, mental inspiration or calling upon higher energies and beings to assist, all process are the same in terms of their objective - opening and cleansing.

So the most expedient approach is one that acknowledges that it is the CNS that requires opening and cleansing and works with this system directly.

The ancients could perceive the nature of the inner and outer realities directly and over many millennia perfected various opening and purifying techniques. These processes although simple to apply effected our neurobiology in profound ways.

The physical/etheric (feminine) is opened, strengthened and vibrationally heightened whilst the astral/mental samskaras and vrittis (masculine) are safely dismantled and cleansed. (See Pain’s Hidden Jewel).

This system that works directly upon our CNS, no indirect, obtuse, woolly processes here, simply put, direct action through regulated practices that produce an awakened or enlightened state in the shortest possible time.

These practices are deceptively simple and yet deceptively powerful, much like the controls of a car are simple, but operating all manner of mechanical processes under the bonnet. It is these powerful ancient practices that we teach.