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As we look back through time from our 21st century perspective it appears we have progressed from a primitive state to our current so called advanced state.

This is a Darwinian perspective of time, known as linear time it draws a straight line from past to present to future. However the ancients had a very different perspective on time based upon cycles, much like the rotation cycles expressed throughout the natural universe.

Everything rotates, everything is cyclic, time is no exception, itself defined by rotation, earth’s rotation upon its axis and around the sun. Precession of the equinoxes was the prized jewel in the ancient understanding of time and another rotational cycle or rotational wobble.

The Vedic or Indian view of time is also based upon cycles of time, each complete cycle lasting some 24,000 years. Within each cycle there is an ascending and descending arc, and within each arc there are four sub-divisions known as ages or yugas. Each age endowers mankind with a specific degree of wakefulness in respect to consciousness, abilities and technologies.

These ages were known to all ancient cultures, they lived through them, expressing themselves in ways which are incomprehensible to us today, their constructions and artefacts posing a real mystery to modern archaeology.

The Yuga theory describes how we had previously fallen from a highly evolved consciousness, with incredible skills and talents to a barbaric consciousness in the dark ages. The good news is that we are now beginning our re-ascent back to full wakefulness and with it much chaos, but also wonderful evolutionary opportunities present.

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