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Talk - Pain’s Hidden Jewel #top #Copyright

What obscures the light from heaven?

We all feel it - separation, from Self, from Nature, from Source, from one another, from Life itself. That empty, yearning feeling inside.

This is the core veil, what the ancients call ‘samskaras’, literally emotional scars. The first scar was inflicted at birth, suddenly we cast out of heaven and found ourselves looking out through the immature nervous system of a baby, the shock was enormous.

Time and time again we are traumatised as we grapple with our new found reality, all the while the sense of separation growing deeper.

Here we are as adults, finding ourselves so completely separate, isolated and alone, Father why hast thou forsaken me?

The core veil exists for a reason and we have each created this for ourselves upon this and previous Earthly lives.

Each samskara is a creation of the astral, a crystallisation of astral substance designed to protect us from re-experiencing trauma.

Each samskara holds the force of the emotional pain and the memory encoded of the traumatic event.

These samskaras are accumulated over life times and this life also, and collectively ‘shield’ us from our very Self, our higher nature, love and light.

The separation we all feel is due to these samskaras, therefore the safe dismantling of this samskared envelope will allow the light of the higher realms to shine through.

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