Inner Dialogue Kinesiology


The organisation of the inner and outer universe

This is a very lively and exciting talk about a foundational reality upon which many esoteric and spiritual teaching are based.

Nature has a hierarchical arrangement, the creative outpouring of the union of divine feminine and masculine energies produces an ordered universe. At the outer level we are aware of this ordering of matter and consciousness as the Life-forces; soil, vegetation, animal, human and noble human.

This talk does not elaborate upon this further as we are intimately familiar with this ordering on the outside, but explains how this ordering of kingdoms manifests at the level of our inner.

Infact the inner reality proceeded the outer manifestation, as it is with all of creation, so these kingdoms or Life-forces exist first in the inner  realms.

This talk explores the structure of the inner universe through the metaphor of a house representing the various levels of the Life-forces in and around us.

As mentioned this understanding was central to all spiritual understanding and traditions, including Tribal, Shamanism, Cabalistic, Sufi, Vedic/Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist and Christian, also is at the root of Theosophical and Steiner teachings, to name but a few.

An understandings of the working of nature as expressed through the Life-forces is essential to unlocking the mysteries of the working of your inner Self. It is the key that unlocks life’s inner doors and guides us on our onward journey ‘home’.

You will go away from this talk with a profound shift in your perception of your self and your place within the universe. Upon this foundation all else in way of teachings, be it philosophy, religion, spirituality, ancient and modern, indeed life itself begins to take on greater clarity.

Talk - The Human House

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