Inner Dialogue Kinesiology

Talk - The Caduceus #top #Copyright

This is yoga, inner alchemy, the inner transformative process

This talk follows on from The Human House and represents the ‘bridges’ or spiritual forces between the various inner kingdoms or Life-forces within us, it journeys both vertically and horizontally and shows us how to ascend, awakening our inner life.

This ancient symbol symbolically represents this inner journey toward our ultimate union with Self and God and is mirrored by the spine and the various forces of material (ego) and consciousness (spirit) we will do battle with.

The caduceus ultimately represents the marriage and union of our masculine and feminine consciousness and is therefore sexual in nature.

This talk will expound upon the journey up our spine toward enlightenment that we must all undertake and the various forces we are likely to encounter along the way.

                                                                  Masculine forces of consciousness and prana move down the spine seeking the feminine fertile forces of kundalini moving up the spine. They meet at the various centres or chakras along the way. Discover what these chakras are and how to prepare them for the safe ascent of kundalini.

The caduceus is comprised of various elements, each having enormous metaphysical meaning, these being the staff, the snakes, the wings and the globe or dove. Each aspect of the caduceus imparts deep significance upon our inward journey.

In reality we have the means for our own salvation within the mechanism of our nervous system, comprising the brain, spinal cord and nerves, learn how through purification of our nervous system we can attain to yoga or divine union.

The caduceus points to our inner resources that are essential on this inner journey toward Source and our ultimate fulfilment in life.

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