Inner Dialogue Kinesiology

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Purification of the nervous system is the key to all spiritual practice and realisation.

We do not advocate a life of seclusion and isolation such as seeking a guru or living in an ashram, rather a path of integration with your ordinary daily life is preferred. This is necessary to stabilise the profound changes that come from regularly use of these powerful spiritual teachings and practices.

In fact these practices are so powerful, only a few minutes a day will give positive results, after all they have been tried, tested and refined for millennia by countless yogis and saints.

So come join us on this exciting adventure in to your inner world and explore the riches to be unearthed by following authentic teachings and practices that will open your mind and heart.

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What was once hidden knowledge and the privilege of the few is now freely available.

Shiva Shakti is an experiential group bringing together ancient and modern spiritual teachings and practices. It aims to illuminate and open experience of our essential nature through inspired presentations and powerful, but safe spiritual practices.


The ancients developed a high spiritual culture based upon direct perception of the inner self, this went beyond mere intellectualising to actual tasting and seeing. They further codified their inner experiences in to powerful practices that are designed to purified the nervous system.

Much spiritual information abounds in this day and age, however the ancients prescribe a direct path that is open to all through a purified nervous system, all other spiritual understanding and practices are directly or indirectly pointing to this end.