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Samskaras  - The Core Veil

Your very own personal

Heaven and Hell

Without doubt this knowledge has been hidden, even today few know of this even within the healing, new age world little is known about the actual mechanism of the core veil. What is the ego, how is it constructed, how does it function and how can it be safely dismantled to allow the light of heaven and our soul nature to shine through? All this and more is herein exposed.


Samskaras are the very building blocks of the ego self, the root of our separate identity, without this knowledge you are missing a very vital piece of the puzzle as to life on Earth, enlightenment and beyond. Literally translated this one Sanskrit word means emotional scars. These are our inner wounds and are built up one at a time from birth. Every experience be it good or bad is impressed in to your astral as a Samskara, a track which you unconsciously repeatedly play.

Each Samskara operates independently of all others, within us all is a sea of Samskara energy, some active, some dormant, all competing with each other for our life force energy. Some are tiny and exist for a fraction of a second, some are monsters of the deep.

Any powerful emotional experience will leave its mark within our psyche, this will be relative to each individual as to what experiences will impact them sufficiently. Samskaras are created at the time of an intense emotional experience, be it positive or negative within the field of the astral. The astral by nature carries our imprints and is open to being imprinted through our Earthly experiences. A new experience if powerful or intense enough is imprinted within the astral and immediately separated off, it has become a Samskara, this protects us until at some future point we are ready to look at it.

Each Samskara holds the subconscious memory of the event and all the associated emotions and feelings and is like a recording that can be replayed at any time. Upon activation the recording is played back and we feel what is held within the Samskara. This happens totally unconsciously and is changing from one moment to the next, in this way it colour washes our waking consciousness.

IDK addresses Samskaras, illuminates them and transmutes them.

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