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Sacred Geometry

Everything from Nothing

Sacred Geometry is an ancient science that peels back the surface layers of Reality to reveal the underlying foundation upon which everything is built. This is how God created all things, and also how we create as co-creators. This science spans all dimensions and all time and space, it is all inclusive and built on divinely simple, beautifully eloquent principles.

The ancient cultures all were intimately familiar with this sacred science and used it extensively in their building and technology. Even our bodies and indeed every living organism is ‘designed’ from the ground up by sacred geometry. The various levels of life, our energy field at the individual, collective and planetary levels and beyond all have sacred geometry at their heart. The same principles govern a galaxy as much as an ant, these are universal mechanisms manifest throughout all creation.

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Sacred geometry is being awakened within the collective consciousness of mankind at this time, much is becoming common place from psychedelic art to a deeper understanding through workshops and courses.

The image above is perhaps the most sacred of geometric configurations known as the Flower of Life. This is a fundamental geometric form, the ancients revered it very highly as it contains the minimum amount of information to structure the Reality.

The third eye once opened is receptive to sacred geometry and sees in to this Reality. This is the foundation upon which we all stand as it is the most sacred and yet at every level of existence the most fundamental.

The use of Mudras in IDK has its roots in sacred geometry, these appeal to our oldest, most sacred aspect, that of the soul, which is completely at one with sacred geometry.