Inner Dialogue Kinesiology

Radhavana - Forest of Devotion

Radhavana is Sanskrit for Radha’s Forest/Woodland, Radha is the embodiment of devotion, pure unconditional love, therefore ‘Forest of Devotion’.

This is a new and bold project to push back the frontiers of what is real and possible in our lives, for us and also for you.

A life rooted in devotion to higher universal principles, closer to our own hearts and mother nature, synchronised, harmonised.


Devotion to what? Living the best life, not a perfect life, but applying what our heart loves above all else.

To this end we have purchased land and seek to experiment with nature.

To detoxify our body and mind, to re-condition and prioritise, using everything in its proper placement, in service, joyful service.

Time for change, time to honour what is real; love, life and spirit.