Inner Dialogue Kinesiology


Nutritional Testing

Kinesiology offers a unique set of tools for diagnosing nutritional deficiencies using the body’s natural ‘feedback’ mechanisms. This can be a revealing process eliminating the guess work .

Nutritional Therapy

Treatment is offered in the form of nutritional supplementation. Diet always forms the foundation of a positive health regime, however as deficiencies and imbalances often run deep a course of nutritional supplementation is often recommended.


In an ideal world our diet would provide all the nutrients required to enable vibrantly good health. However this has not been the case for many decades due to intensive farming and modern stressful lifestyles. Therefore supplementation is often necessary.

I use core level nutrition in my practice, these nutrients are unique in that they deliver a synergistic blend of minerals, vitamins, amino-acids, herbs and animal glandular extracts.

The animal component provides much needed power and support whilst the tissues and organs are nurture and nourish back to optimum health.

A non glandular alternative is offered for vegetarians.

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