Inner Dialogue Kinesiology

Your body’s display

Inner Dialogue Kinesiology (IDK) builds a ‘bridge’ between your conscious mind and your inner knowing Self. It does not require an altered state of consciousness or years of disciplined practice to do this, just the use of an arm and fingers and a willing attitude.

Your body and life are simply displays of the forces held within your content, much like a computer monitor displays the information on its hard drive. The reading and interpreting of this outward display is where we often get stuck, it is in this regard that IDK excels as it reads your body/life display.

Using Kinesiology in combination with a non-verbal subconscious language called Mudras (see below) we can dialogue with this inner knowing Self and discover the root of a problem and how it is to be resolved. Guided by the inner Self we have the precision and clarity we seek and are further guided step by step through to resolution.

Using Kinesiology Paul tests a complex Indian hand language called "Mudras" on the client


What are Mudras

These Mudras or hand positions of which there are several thousand are each a gateway in to the inner world of content. In this way the client's subconscious/unconscious and higher aspects communicate freely about what is happening in the psyche and body without censorship from the conscious mind. This allows your real understanding to be heard by your conscious mind, the story told from this level can indeed be revelatory as it explains the steps by which you arrive at your present condition  

and what can be done to heal or bring you back in to alignment. Mudras are liken to a sword that cuts Through to the core of an issue, as they can only be read at level of the soul or inner Self.

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