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Tours of India #Copyright

Pilgrim Tours of India

India has an ancient spiritual culture, its roots extend back to the Vedic age, which is at least 5000 years old. Today we see but a vestige of this ancient culture as India progresses rapidly in terms of its economic development. However much of India’s spiritual culture is still there to be experienced, these tours will uncover and open the doors to the authentic experience of what India really is.

I spent years in ashramas in India and the UK and have not just studied, but lived a devotional life according to the ancient ways, I have travelled in a way very few western minds have and tasted much of what the ancient scriptures allure too.

It has been a life time mission to bring the outer and inner realities together and India has been my crucible. There is much here and it will astonish and confound the mind, but with proper insight one can very easily see what is mysterious to most, you will perceive the inner meaning behind the outer forms.

I wish to share India with you, as many have taken from India, but few really understand her beating heart, which is today as strong as it ever was.

So join me in what will prove to be a life changing, life enhancing experience and dive deep in to and awaken your inner life as we journey together through this remarkable culture.