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Indian Culture

An Ancient Culture Alive Today

India is an incredibly diverse, intensely emotive, over populated, deeply sensuous, spiritual country, it is a kaleidoscope of many peoples and religions all co-existing. At its root is the ancient Vedic culture, vestiges of which are palpable and still practiced to this very day. Amidst the chaos and confusion emerges the extremes that is modern India, still beating to an ancient heart, seemingly never failing to profoundly touch and awaken the soul.

It is the heart which is the key to understanding India; its people are gentle, temples are lavish, poverty all pervasive, but through all the dust and grime emerges a triumphant feeling largely lacking in our progressive western cultures, that of love. India awakens our own heart felt feelings for life, fun and adventure, the dance of spirit and matter, Shiva and Shakti. In this atmosphere we feel our own inner innocent child can come out to play and be nourished.


Simultaneous Oneness And Difference

India is profoundly philosophical, it is possible to study this culture for a lifetime and only partially touch what is there. And yet I believe India’s main contribution is not its knowledge (although this is wonderful), but it capacity to awaken our feeling nature, our inner feelings. By nature Indians are naturally devoted, to their family, their country, but mostly to God.

There is such a great diversity of modes of worship, dress, food and customs, so much so that it appears that polytheism has been taken to extremes. However under all this diversity it is understood that there is one abiding Spirit or Brahman, it truly is oneness expressed through a myriad of diverse forms.

No matter how unique as human beings we are, we all hanker for the same fundamental inner feelings of love and peace, this is India.

Views from inside the Meenakshi Temple in Maduri South India