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Brain Wave Entrainment #Copyright

Herein I’m offering a powerful tool that will no doubt aid and assists your on your inner journey toward deeper stillness and openings, this is brain wave entrainment.

Brain wave entrainment directly addresses the main barrier we all have to deeper stillness, be it meditation, psychic development or inner development, this is our overly busy thinking mind. The essence is to still and quiet our busy thinking brain by slowing its frequency. This automatically takes us directly in to deeper states of consciousness, making readily accessible the many benefits.

Brain wave entrainment takes advantage of our brains tendency to synchronise with a frequency or pulse, either auditory or visual or both, and thus cause a corresponding shift in our brain frequency.

Meditation has a specific range of brain frequencies associated with it dependant upon depth of stillness verses mental chatter.Our aim to go as deep as possible as easily as possible, eliminating as much mental chatter as possible, safely, in this regard brain wave entrainment can really help.

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