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The Ultimate Conspiracy #top #Copyright

The Truth is in there

Here’s what I believe to be the truth about conspiracy, but keep it a secret, OK, here it is - there is no substance to it. Now when I say there is no substance I mean absolutely nothing, zero, zip. Make no mistake I know these theories, I take an interest in them from time to time, I even agree with most of them. So how can I so blatantly contradict myself?

This is the trick to understanding this - projection, the outer collective is mirroring what we each hold at the inner levels of our personal and collective realities. In fact the inner reality is far more severe, ruthless and dictatorial, to the extent of total domination and control over you. Resolve the inner and the outer will have absolutely no effect upon you, it only has because there is a vulnerability within you to begin with.

Co-creators or Mash potatoes

A truly autonomous, creative, empowered , guided human being is not effected by electronic, chemical, psychological or psychic attack of any sort, at any level. They would be referencing their own internal guidance system and creating the reality of their choice. The so called outer reality would have no way of swaying their inner centeredness. If they were swayed it is only because they are already off centre. So the shadow is doing us all an enormous favour by showing us how easily we are compromised, manipulated and controlled.

The real conspiracy is on the inside first, outside second, we are for the most part completely taken over by our inner conditioning, thoughts and emotions, herein lies the most ruthless dictatorship, much more so than any on the outer.