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The Caduceus

This ancient symbol represents bridges between the various Life-forces.

The Human Caduceus

This symbol has its roots in antiquity, no one truly knows of its origin, yet every culture both ancient and modern revere it. The various components of the caduceus are holy qualities that describe bridges between the life-forces.

Thus the staff or Integrity is initially established, connecting us to our foundations, enabling vertical connection to Source. Upon this staff are entwined the snakes representing flexibility, our capacity go lateral and experience the world. The wings represent our self reflection and ability to illuminate cumulating in Surrender, our innate capacity to bow to the great life within us, bestowing a true sense of our Value.

These qualities need to be awoken and cultivated within through life experience, culminating in becoming our true Self whilst here on Earth.


The Eagle/Wings

Animal to Human

Reflectivity, Big Picture, Step Back, Rise Above Needs Integrity & Flexibility, Needs to Roost,

Self Awareness, Vision, Thinking, Observing

Change Perspective, Illumination, Imagination.



Vegetative to Animal

Movement, Response, Adaptation, Evolution, Horizontal, Feminine, Widening, Duality,

Rhythm, Transformation, Creativity, Enveloping, Fluid, Receptive, Taste for Life, Leads Astray.


The Staff

Material to Vegetative

Uprightness, Integration, Wholeness, Alignment

Masculine, Vertical, Connection, Penetrating,

Truth, Honesty, Clarity, Discerning, Judging

Cuts Through, Present, Stillness, Focused.

The Dove/Globe

Human to Noble

Holds Integrity, Flexibility & Reflectivity, Connects to Great Life/God, To Render Up/Yield, Quiet, Stillness, Openness, Guidance, Grace Descends, Aligns all, Cleans, Heals.


The Gem

Noble to God & Grace

Innate Sense of Value, True Worth By Surrender, Through Grace, Authentic, Possessions, Money, Appearance, Status, See Value in Light/Dark, Meaningfulness.


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