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Talk - Beyond Death #top #Copyright

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Death has long fascinated mankind, from ancient cultures to modern man, we are all without exception subject to its inevitable grasp. It therefore behoves us all to understand what this ‘final’ transition, this ‘rite of passage’ has in store for us. This is our number one fear, so to face this and illuminate this is essential.

Through understanding based upon ancient wisdom and modern hypnotic and clinical research we can come to know that death is not to feared, that it presents no barrier to the continuation of consciousness and individuality and is a joyous, liberating experience, a shift in perception to a life fuller and richer in every way.

Death is inevitable, how we approach this experience, however is not, better to surrender to it than to fight and scream, clinging on to every last breath. In many ways we have already died many times in this life, physical death is but the final transition. So what happens? Where do we go? To answer these questions we need to look to that which does not die with the passage from this physical world.

To understand is one thing, to experience consciousness as separate from the body is entirely another, until such time death will hold us in its grip. Only through realisation of our ever blissful eternal nature will death become our servant and all fear will evaporate like morning mist. This cannot be faked, authentic realisation of Self is a must if we are to be at peace with our impending death.

This talk will take you on a journey through the portal of death to the other side, a journey that begins in the mind and moves one toward direct experience of your true nature. Travel the dimensions and revel in the accounts of those that have made this important transition ahead of you. Only then will you be free and know beyond all doubt that there is no such thing as death, only then can you truly live.