Inner Dialogue Kinesiology

Allergy and Intolerance

What is Tested

An extensive range of substances are tested, these include over 200 foods and food additives such as pesticides, herbicides and E-factors. Airborne substances such as pollens, dust and moulds and common chemicals/inhalants found around our homes or work place.


A wide variety of conditions are helped with allergy testing as reactions to allergens vary greatly.

Conditions that may be helped  vary from chronic fatigue, skin problems such as eczema and rashes, bronchial problems such as asthma. Digestive problems are common as are immune dysfunction issues. Generally speaking an overall increase in physical energy, vitality of feeling and clarity of thought often result.

Allergic responses are so varied that it would be impossible to list all the symptoms. The good news is prevention is relatively easy once we discover which substances you are sensitive to.


Allergy is perhaps best explained as a over sensitivity to a particular substance or group  of substances. In essence it is an abnormal immune response to a substance that should be non threatening to the body.

The substance which triggers the immune response is known as an allergen. Once triggered the immune response can vary from barely noticeable to extremely violent, even life threatening.


An intolerance, on the other hand is a metabolic toxicity that acts much as a

poison, hampering and compromising target biochemical pathways within the body.

Intolerance when treated can greatly improve our sense of well-being. Both allergy and intolerance are tested.

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