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About Paul Juha

In Brief

Paul spent his early years from eighteen to his late twenties as a Hindu monk travelling between England and India, where he studied the Vedas and practiced Bhakti; devotion of the heart.

At twenty eight Paul became father to a girl with great mental and physical disability. The painful stress of coping with extreme challenges was a great learning. Developing sensitivity and insight over the past twenty years has left Paul with an appreciation for his daughter as the most important teacher in his life.

Paul has twenty years experience with Inner Dialogue.

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More Details

My childhood was a mixture of spiritualism and atheism, this combination of the psychic/metaphysical and scientific gave me a perspective in to and respect for both worlds. My early aspirations lead me in to study marine biology, biochemistry then Hinduism. Not the most obvious progression, however upon completion of formal schooling and after a short time caring for mental health patients I entered in to a Hindu temple lifestyle.

Life as a Vedic or Hindu monk continued for about eight years; taking of vows, reading scriptures, shaved head, flowing robes and devotion of my life (as has been the tradition for thousands of years in India) in service to mankind and God. This was both an inspired life and a life apart from all the perils of western materialistic culture.

In time the urge to expand beyond the constraints and dictates of temple life began to move me forward in to the next stage of my life and three years later my daughter Olivia was born. Along with Jessica and my then partner Sue I settled in to worldly family life.

This was an intense time for me and nearly twenty years later I would emerge a transformed individual. Olivia, however it was discovered shortly after her birth was profoundly mentally and physically handicapped. A beautiful peaceful soul, loving and bright her presence proved challenging to the extreme, but eventually succeeded in opening my inner heart to my deepest Self.

During this period of my life I underwent intense turmoil as life applied pressure upon pressure, challenge on top of challenge, life had its joys, but the underlying themes were emotion and spiritual maturation. Various occupations were tried during this time, from selling artwork to picture framing, then computer programming, astrology and even running a tour company to the Himalayas for a couple of years. This period was marked with studies in to natural healing, qualifying in Nutritional Counselling, Iridology, Applied Kinesiology, Educational Kinesiology, Clinical Kinesiology (Inner Dialogue) and the Life-Forces.

Clinical Kinesiology proved to be the panacea to my studies. Within the first ten minutes of experiencing this incredible therapy as a client I recognised my calling and knew some day I would practice this therapy. I am now even more in awe of this remarkable therapy than twenty years ago and practice this exclusively at this time.